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However, depending on the context, different meanings apply. Like, for example, the salary agreement . This text will show, in more detail, that it is a collective process in search of matching wages with the market and inflation. The negotiation is discuss between the workers union and the employers. If they do not reach an agreement, the labor courts may be su. Is there a legal basis for the dispute? After the industrial revolution, the state began to intervene in labor laws. And according to articles 643 and 763 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws.

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The duty of the Feral Constitution to process labor disputes. Look: Art. 643 – Disagreements arising from relations between employees Bahrain B2B List and employers, as well as independent workers and their service takers, in activities regulat by social legislation, will be resolv by the Labor Court, in accordance with this title and in the manner establish by the labor judicial process.” Art. 763 – The process of the Labor Court, with regard to individual and collective bargaining and the application of penalties, shall be govern, throughout the national territory, by the norms establish in this Title.

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It is worth noting that the collective bargaining agreement is admitt by the courts when all negotiations for collective agreements have BM Leads been exhaust. For this reason, collective bargaining has been appli according to inflation or working conditions. However, the collective bargaining agreement is seen as a salary adjustment. Most job disputes focus on salary negotiation . What is Wage Dispute? The main doubt of the workers is about the meaning of collective bargaining, since in practice it appears as a salary increase. The collective bargaining agreement is calculat bas on inflation rates and, therefore, wages are readjust so that the worker.

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