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Emotional intelligence to not let personal and professional issues influence the work that is done with the team; Well-establish interpersonal connection with team members to maintain clear, assertive and open communication with everyone. All of these leadership skills make up functions that deal directly with people management, which require a lot of behavioral skills to see others and know how to lead them. Deepen your knowlge here  Hard skills and soft skills.

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What are they and what are the main differences ? 2. Deliver a sense of purpose to the team The purpose of the team is what keeps it engag with the company, dicat to the activities of the position and motivat to do the best work Croatia B2B List possible. Therefore, this is one of the tasks of managers, to deliver a purpose that is big enough to inspire and convince employees to give their best . However, how to find it? Here, the HR department is able to provide support in the pursuit of the purpose that must be deliver to the team, as it nes to be a mission that is in tune with the business.

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In other words, the purpose must be directly link to the company’s objective, but it must be offer in a way that captivates BM Leads the team. New call-to-action 3. Understand that the team is not homogeneous When we think about how to develop leadership skills , one of the biggest mistakes team managers make is believing that the team is homogeneous. This confusion happens because employees work as a team to achieve a common purpose, but leaders ne to remember that each person has their specificities, and they must be treat individually.

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