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On the other hand, the back office staff , using the application, could access more information about the employees who are in the field, have more control of sales and the time of work of each one. All this, add to the ease of measuring sales results with complete information on performance, facilitat work and decision-making. In addition, greater employee engagement was report, more participation in activities propos through the application and increas interaction between employees themselves due to the use of the corporate gamification tool . Get in touch with to learn more about.

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Our training and development solutions .Gamification platform: what it is, how it works and benefits at work A gamification platform Costa Rica B2B List is an online learning system where the mechanics and dynamics of normal games are us to engage the employee, improving him professionally and bringing more results to the company. Romulo Martins | GUPY uCorpPublish by April 17, 2023 Training and development 5 minutes of reading Article index Gamification platform: what is it.

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How it works? Benefits of the gamifi platform Gamification platform for remote training What is Mobile Learning? What about BM Leads microlearning? Customiz training How to measure results on the gamification platform? More efficient recruitment and selection and hiring with Gupy! Talk to a seller The gamification platform.  Emerg to meet the demand of companies for. High-level training, maximizing the skills of employees . With face-to-face training becoming outdat. The chance to invest in professionals remotely has become possible thanks to digital transformation link to gamifi corporate training.

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