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Surveycto also sends data quality control reports to keep tabs on your results. Main features: integrations with google sheets. Zapier and much more. Drag-and-drop designer technical support 24/7 cost: $198-$220/month <strong>42. </strong> kiwi survey surveykiwi kiwi survey surveykiwi makes it incribly easy to share surveys once you’ve design and customiz them. You’ll have a simple url to share via email or social mia. Or you can emb the surveys on works on mobile your website or use a pop-up to encourage people to take part. Main features:

All paid plans come with themes

loading files email embding customizable thank Africa Email List you screens cost: starting at $7/month <strong>43. </strong> investigation laboratory surveylab_com investigation laboratory use surveylab from your web browser to create surveys and questionnaires in minutes. All paid plans come with themes. Report filters. And investigation logic. But you ne a higher-level plan to get advanc metrics. Data trends. And dashboards. Main features: works on mobile devices nps. Csat and ces score multilingual support cost: starting from $40 per month <strong>44. </strong> surveylegend surveylegend surveylegend use one of surveylegend’s pre-built templates.

Including multiple choice

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Design for different industries and types of uses. To BM Leads  quickly create a survey. Choose from several question types. Including multiple choice. Image selections. Ratings. And opinion scales. Main features: unique urls for sharing advanc logic and branching spam protection cost: starting at $15/month <strong>45. </strong> surveysensum surveysensum surveysensum don’t have time to create surveys yourself? Let surveysensum do it for you.

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