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It is the leader who keeps the corporate culture always active. Bas on his actions and practices, he demonstrates to employees what are the main points to be work on, always keeping the organizational climate in line with the culture. It is noteworthy that there are different moments within a process of development and application of an organizational culture. In the beginning, leadership acts by refining the culture. As there is progress within this process, the leader is then responsible for the implementation and continuity of the project.

Can mean greater retention of talent

What is the role of internal marketing in organizational culture Internal communication and endomarketing represent an important pillar of organizational culture. By definition, internal marketing is a set of marketing strategies Romania B2B List aim at the company’s employees and its objective is to increase the satisfaction, engagement and commitment of professionals towards the company. These actions are essential for teams to understand and incorporate the culture. It’s no use for your company to have its own essence if employees don’t know it, don’t understand it or don’t accept it.

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Investment but training them well

After all, it is through internal marketing mechanisms that the company establishes a communication channel with its BM Leads employees, promoting and disseminating the culture, mission and values ​​of the business. In addition, internal marketing can be a powerful tool to strengthen internal communication, establish an open dialogue channel between the company and its employees and promote the dissemination of this culture. What is a weak and toxic culture? Weak is the culture that exists only on paper, that is, it did not generate behaviors, and toxic is the one that does not contribute anything to the company’s objectives.

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