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The document must contain information such as the employee’s name, position held, salary, hours work, legal discounts (such as INSS, FGTS, IR) and benefits grant (such as transportation vouchers, meal vouchers, among others). The legislation provides that the payroll must be deliver monthly to employees and that records must be kept by the company for at least 5 years. This measure aims to ensure transparency in the relationship between employee and employer and avoid future labor problems.

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The importance of doing the calculations correctly in the payroll is enormous. Errors can lead to fines, labor lawsuits and, ultimately, financial Nepal B2B List losses for the company. Therefore, Bas on this assumption, the most obvious advantage of opting for the cash bonus is that the employee will receive twice for the days sold (on the day of payment of his salary and on the cash bonus). He will be able to use this money as he wishes and, considering that the holidays usually occur at the end of the year, this amount can be of great use to him and his family. Another advantage, especially for the employer, is that the company will have ruc employee absence time.

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In this way, the employee will return to activities within 20 days, rucing the workload of his teammates. Finally, the only disadvantage BM Leads of the cash allowance is the ruc rest time. If the employee is stress or overwork, it may be better for him to enjoy the vacation so that he can return to his job mentally and physically refresh. new call to action Who is entitl to the cash allowance? Any and all workers in a CLT regime who decide to sell a third of their paid rest time (vacation) are entitl to receive it from the company. As provid for in article 143 of the CLT, this sale is optional.

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