February 28, 2024
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6 COMMON Paying attention to the correct deadlines for changing the car’s oil, in addition to strictly following the car manufacturer’s guidelines, are some basic behaviors, but essential for the proper functioning of the engine , as well as for the driver’s safety. When it comes to the car’s lubrication system , you can’t be too careful. If this part is neglect, the vehicle runs several risks, including a reduction in the useful life of engine components, reduce performance and increase fuel consumption. All of this generates more expenses for the owner, as maintenance will occur more frequently

Right time to change the oil

For cars that run little, oil replacement should be done on time. On the other hand, if the car is use daily, the exchange must be done base on mileage . In fact, anyone who carries out preventive inspections should already change South Africa Telegram Number Data the oil and filter without running any risk of missing the deadline. However, these are general guidelines. If you want to be sure about the correct time, check the information in the vehicle owner’s manual. Remember that each model and manufacturer has its own guidelines. Finally, if you still have questions about changing your car’s oil, talk to a mechanic you trust.

Beginner’s mistake

Still in the city, it was clear that Normal driving mode is much more enjoyable to drive the Zoe than in ECO mode. A simple test: on a wide avenue with no traffic, we set the accelerator pedal at 40 km/h, in ECO mode. Without moving our Taiwan Email List foot on the accelerator, we switch to Normal mode. Zoe shoots forward, as if releasing him from a tether. The thought then was: on the road, Normal mode. And when descending the mountains, mode B, which allows greater battery regeneration, since when use, it stops the Zoe without the need to press the brake.

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