A Backup On A New Infrastructure In The Cloud

In addition to their own solutions major cloud providers also offer software from popular partner vendors. Here the profit in addition to the spee of setup is in the convenience of payment in a single window . Who will suit Companies that are ready to delegate the solution of the backup task. This choice allows you not to think about the infrastructure for storing copies. In particular off the shelf solutions in Selectel are use by file storage administrators who nee high storage reliability. For example a company with a relatively small budget that hosts data from a CRM system in the cloud.

A Backup Copy Of The Data If A Local

The company opts for scheule backups because of the easy setup triple replication and quick plan creation. To set up a backup just select the disk from which backups will be taken and set the require scheule. Cloud backup Take care of data safety  set Azerbaijan Email List up scheule disk backups. Get advice and connect Alternatively consider open source solutions that offer free plans. But they are severely limite in functionality and controversial in terms of information security. We tell you how YCLIENTS helpe achieve fault tolerance in Runet and reuce the request processing time to a historical minimum due to custom servers and optimal network connectivity.

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Disaster Occurs The System Can Be Deploye

About company YCLIENTS helps companies automate business processes and provides customers with a convenient online booking service. For years the company has create the best software product in its category. Today YCLIENTS is use by companies and over million records pass through the service every month. Almost all business processes of users are BM Leads tie to YCLIENTS. If the platform stops tens of thousands of businesses will stop and clients of beauty salons sports sections and meical centers will not be able to sign up online. The IT infrastructure of the YCLIENTS platform was built on the services of several providers in Russia and abroad. Task In the spring of the company neee to quickly increase computing power in Russia and transfer data from a foreign provider. The specifics of the service implie a complex technical rider and a short timeframe for deploying the infrastructure.

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