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One of these architectures is an Ethernet factory which we use for example to host client servers in Selectel data centers colocation . If the client requests a reundant connection channel reservation then the connection occurs using two different physical links two switches and an aggregate interface from the servers network adapters. Here we use the same Stack and MLAG pairs for reundancy. Fragment from the report of the leading architect of network solutions Kirill Sizov.

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As a result similar campus networks Ethernet factories are growing in data centers built on the principle of aggregate channels technologies for combining parallel communication channels into one logical one L factories Ethernet factories are trees designe in such a way that packets from server A can reach server D only through the aggregation layer a kind of Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List tree base. There are so many servers in Selectels data centers that we are adding a layer of super aggregation. It serves to combine aggregation level switches. We accept your suggestions on how to name the next level. Kirill Sizov Lead Architect of Selectel Network Solutions There are many connections in such a structure. Therefore wherever possible we try to duplicate reserve links. half hearte work There is a standard inside Selectel each link is loade no more than.

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So they will withstand an unexpecte increase in load. On the charts it looks like this There are two gigabit links from the access switch to aggregation. Accordingly each link should have no more than Gb s. Such reundancy configurations allow you to safely take damage links out of service. Composition of factories As mentione earlier Selectel has several data centers BM Leads and each of them can have at least one factory. And even two or three different L and L factories. There are situations when you nee to distribute the same L domain between several factories in different data centers. For example we have a cloud base on VMWare and for its Disaster Recovery cluster to work migration entities require a direct L connection between them. But they are locate in different data centers.

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