March 22, 2023
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Also at the network level priorities and the order in which packets are transmitte are configure. This is necessary to reuce network delays and keep the quality of the audio signal at an acceptable level. Transport layer or Transport Layer At the transport layer of the OSI model oddly enough the transport of fragmente data packets is carrie out. The main task here is to deliver data to the client with minimal losses and delays. The most common transport layer protocols are TCP and UDP but UDP and RTP are typically use to transport voice data packets.

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UDP The main difference and advantage of UDP in organizing a telephone line over the Internet is that this protocol unlike TCP does not guarantee the delivery of packets to the final destination. When sending and receiving data the device does not request Cameroon Email List or send any confirmation in response. And this greatly reuces network delays when connecting devices through which a conversation is being conducte. Latency seriously affects the user experience but packet loss for IP telephony is not so critical. RTP This is an independent network protocol but when organizing telephone communications it is usually use over UDP.

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RTP helps to recognize the types of traffic and numbers the data packets lining them up in the right order on the receiving side. This has a positive effect on the quality of the audio and video signal. Packet numbering is a defining advantage of this protocol. Data levels or Data Layers We will consider the remaining layers of the OSI model together BM Leads combining them into one group. They are so closely relate in the context of IP telephony that considering them separately does not make much sense. The protocols use here will be describe in a separate chapter. Protocols and codecs use by IP telephony Consider the two most popular protocols for establishing a connection and interacting devices in IP telephony in our time is one of the most widely use infrastructure protocol suites.

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