August 14, 2023
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This can give a clearer view on actual training performance. Clos questions are excellent for testing technical or methodological training that requires memorization of processes and details about them. However, certain precautions must be taken in the development of these clos questions, so that the test is reliable. The questions must have clear and objective answers , and alternatively, avoid very obvious or improbable answers. 2. Open-end questionnaires For more comprehensive assessment instruments, but still in traditional models.

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Ad answers, it is recommend to create a questionnaire with open- end questions. This type of evaluation is mainly recommend for actions in which motivational or behavioral changes are expect. The employee is satisfi when the institution French Guiana B2B List seeks his opinion on the contents cover in the training, and this produces great practical results in the feback. This evaluation may take more time , but the freom that the collaborator has in writing when ask can produce answers with important data about the training, mainly regarding the deficiencies of the program.

B2B Email List

Human capital and believing in individuals

In addition, produc by open questions also result in an evaluative scale, with different results than the binary right or wrong.Image with BM Leads the text: “Training and Development Kit 2023” 3. Semi-structur interviews Semi-structur interviews are excellent when sensitivity and feeling are more important than memorizing processes or methodologies. process , being able to keep participants engag and motivat in teaching. The elements that are present include: Clear and well.

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