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Thus both onetime tickets and monthly passes are paid for. SMS messaging in Kenya There are many wild animals in Kenya. especially elephants. They can come to one of the settlements. destroy it or attack people. Local farmers know everything about the nature of wild elephants. so they can preict their appearance in the villages. Farmers send messages to the population in case of possible danger. Protests and SMS in China The authorities of the Chinese city of Xiamen receive mailings from citizens who want to become participants in the protests.

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During the construction of another plant. which negatively affects the environment. the Chinese go to rallies. In order for the protester to register. he sends an SMS. Once during the action registere about a million participants. By the way. the construction Dubai Email List of the plant was stoppe due to the activity of the townspeople. SMS training in Tanzania There are not enough textbooks for all schoolchildren in Tanzania. Therefore. SMSmailing plays an important role in the eucational process. The International Youth Foundation and other organizations are facilitating student notification via mobile.

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They may contain rules to learn. study materials. and so on. School teachers connect phones to projectors to show eucational presentations. SMS messaging is use in many areas of life. Therefore. this method has long been no longer only advertising. Judging by BM Leads the trend. the area of ​​use of SMS notifications will expand. VISA Qiwi Wallet provides a number of interesting services relate to SMS informing and more. QIWI has two services that may be of interest to people who actively use the SMS service. Service number SMSonline. What is its essence. A person paying for communication services or home Internet.

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