March 22, 2023
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Often companies are guide by the rule Ill take the server for growth. In the case of a database for example they adhere to the following logic Id rather pay more than move to a new server in six months. However moving can be completely avoide for example in the servers of the cloud platform you can increase the size of the disk at any time through the control panel interface the main thing is that there are quotas . So it makes no sense to pay more. Menu for changing disks in the panel.

In The Control Panel Section Of The Same Name

Disclaimer We advise you to expand the disk without waiting for it to be completely full. Increasing the disk size may take some time. This is especially true for local drives. About increasing the size of disks → More complex measures Here at a minimum you Djibouti Email List will nee a good DevOps specialist and his precious time. Autoscale your infrastructure with virtual machines Easy infrastructure scaling will be provide by cloud servers but such infrastructure will not always be beneficial for businesses. There are situations when when calculating the economy a deicate server will come out cheaper. If you have a good working deic but sometimes you nee a little extra resources you can load balance several virtual machines in addition to a deicate server.

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Them In The Knowlege Base Only

They will deploy when the load increases and turn off when returning to the previous level. Selectel also has clients that run Kubernetes on deicate servers and run groups of nodes in the cloud if necessary. The benefit is that you do not have to change the BM Leads configuration of the current server or completely move to the cloud. It is difficult to find ready made instructions for implementing such scenarios usually in companies this is done by an experience system administrator who is well aware of the features of the companys infrastructure. Move the data reading function to a separate server Example A company uses a fairly large PostgreSQL database approximately.

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