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You buy it but in reality it turns out that the contacts belong to the city of Kazan. Cases of such deceptions are not uncommon. Another way to cheat is to sell generate numbers. which not only may belong to other regions. but may not exist at all. Low conversion due to the preominance of nontarget audience in the database. The mailing occurs among people who are not intereste in your information. Illegally obtaine contacts.

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The mailing will be receive by people who did not give consent to receive messages. Such a mailing will entail one negative How to get a base with a target audience. You can get a client number only if you provide him with really valuable information Costa Rica Email List SMS effectiveness Conduct a survey that allows you to get a contact number and consent of clients to receive informational SMS from you. Use printouts of work phone calls and form a database of incoming numbers. As a rule. intereste people call. so information from your mailing list can attract them. Cross promotion. This is an advertisement for each others partners.

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Agift shop sends out a newsletter among its customers about an offer to celebrate the New Year in a restaurant with an entertainment program. and the restaurant. in turn. sends out among its audience information about discounts on New Years gifts BM Leads in the partners store. Use social networks they open up great opportunities for promoting your business. You can set audience search criteria city. gender. age. and correctly convey information to potential customers who will leave their phone number to receive profitable offers. These mailing lists have great response Create a subscription form on your website or social meia group Remember that the target audience is the key to the excellent result that can be achieve with the help of SMS mailing.

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