April 4, 2023
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After that we come up with a fairly strong password and choose a username. If you dont know what you want to name your account yet. its okay. you can change this data later in your personal account. Specify a passwordUsername Specify the password and username. This completes the registration on TikTok. and you can start creating the first video. Everything is very simple and clear. In total. all actions take no more than minutes.

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Tiktok account Tiktok account Now lets look at how to create the very first video. and what functionality the sensational application offers To start shooting your first video. click on the large colore button at the very bottom of your personal page. It looks like this only at the beginning. then to create a video you will nee to click on the in the center of the bottom Guam Email List panel You will see a screen where the application will ask for permission to access the camera and microphone. Click on each of the buttons and allow their use. without this it will be impossible to shoot a video. Allow access to the camera and microphone Allow access to the camera and microphone.

Country Email List

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After that the camera will open on your phone. as well as all the functionality of the application. with which you will shoot and eit your videos. In addition. at the bottom you are invite to choose the video format. or seconds. Making our first video on BM Leads TikTok Making our first video on TikTok. We start shooting. To do this. press the big re button. A very big plus of TikTok is that you can shoot all the videos not at once in their entirety. but frame by frame. stopping shooting at any time. and only then mount the pieces. At the very top you can see what this storyboard looks like. If something went wrong. and you are not happy with the result.

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