April 4, 2023
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Greater attention of search engines to intents means that sites that are maximally focuse on these user nees and are ready to really solve the problems of the audience will be ranke highly. In. this factor is key and plays a much larger role than the occurrence of keywords in the text of the page. in the description. or even in the title. To bring your project into line with this trend. you nee to learn to understand. what your audience wants to receive in response to a query.

The Layout Of Adaptive Pages

What content is important to her. in what form users expect to see it in the response. And. of course. try to form this answer on your website in the most detaile form. Lets look at this with a specific example. Lets say the user types the query furniture for Ethiopia Email List the childrens room. What does he want to see on the site that will appear in the response Many images of furniture and its elements The more of these options he sees. the better. since the choice is important for the user. Overall dimension To understand which option is suitable. you nee to understand the size of this furniture.

Country Email List

Optimize For Voice Search According

Therefore it is obvious that next to the image it would be correct to indicate the dimensions of the elements. price The cost of a product or service has always been and remains an important parameter of the users choice. The absence of a price often leads to the closing of the site pages in the first seconds. There is a separate article in our blog where BM Leads we have describe in detail the importance of this parameter on landing pages. Material Recall that we are looking for furniture for the childrens room. It may be important for users that the material from which this furniture is made complies with environmental requirements and standards. Sorting and selection functions by parameters To make it convenient for the user to sort the assortment according to the desire parameters. the page should have selection functions.

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