March 25, 2023
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It is assume that the higher the competition for a query the more difficult it is to get positions on the first page of search results for it. By frequency they are also divide highfrequency HF midfrequency MF lowfrequency LF. Frequency is also distinguishe basic phrase and exact more about this here We collect requests for the site . According to the intent users intention keywords are distinguishe commercial navigational and informational. More about this here Custom intent in search queries . According to the activity of use they are divide as permanent temporary and seasonal.

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Persistent keywords the frequency of which does not drop to are constantly requeste as this is an actual problem service or product recipes repair of something. Wordstat screen with the phrase pilaf recipe Yandex Wordstat screen with the phrase TV repair Equatorial Guinea Email List Temporary more often associate with some event in a certain period of time festivals concerts TV shows etc. screen Yandex Wordstat keyword buy tickets to the muse concert Seasonal keywords are keywords tie to any time of the year when the demand for certain information and products increases and decreases to when it ends.

Country Email List

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Screen Yandex Wordstat phrase where to ride cheesecakes Long tail words and how to use them In keywords there is such a thing as long tails or simply tails. This implies long phrases consisting of four or more words but they refer to the same type BM Leads of service or product for example stretch ceiling words stretch ceiling lighting words stretch ceiling with backlight price words stretch ceiling with illumination around the perimeter words stretch ceiling with illumination around the perimeter price words twolevel stretch ceilings with lighting for the kitchen words.

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