April 3, 2023
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A Vip Discount Happy New Year Until

The cost per message unit is the lower. the higher the volume of advertising mailings. that is. the price of SMS message directly depends on how many mailings the client plans to carry out during the month. If the amount of expecte information is small. then message will cost rubles. and if there are many messages. then their cost can be from kopecks. for piece. Until recently before the end of . there was no nee to conclude an agreement between the operator and the client. The mailing customer could work not directly with the operator. but with intermeiaries.

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Channels for sending information looke like this. via SMS gateways with the help of interconnect through firms that have signe direct contracts with operators. Schematically. SMS distribution could be carrie out in this way. the cellular network operator sent subscribers SMS information receive from a partner. He receive data from subpartners who took large Estonia Email List orders from various organizations. insurance companies. travel agencies. banks. The activity was set up in such a way that any customer. with the help of black aggregators. could send out SMS even to those subscribers who did not give permission for the mailing. This was due to the fact that the message went through a single distribution node for all operators sending it from alphanumeric or short numbers. It was this scheme.

Country Email List

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Uncontrolle by any cellular operators. that gave impetus to the unhindere development of SMS spam. SMS market and changes on it According to Json Partners Consulting. at the time of the lions share of all SMS mailings were bank alerts about . The rest BM Leads of the information was ordere by service companies. shopping centers. travel agencies and online stores. A huge part of the information was in the form of spam. the development of which reuce banking traffic by almost by the end of last year. For those companies that were intereste in sending SMS. It was more profitable to apply not directly to mobile operators. but to their intermeiaries.

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