April 3, 2023
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The users of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories lag behind the leaders by . WhatsApp is practically not use in the Perm region less than of users. in the Kirov and Kurgan regions. Prizes and wooden meals Viber Viber looks modest compare to other messengers. it has only of the votes of all respondents. The leading geographic regions. where the number of Viber users excees . are the YamaloNenets and KhantyMansi Autonomous Okrug. Slightly fewer users choose the application in the Tyumen region and the Republic of Crimea.

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Wooden meals Viber issue in three regions. Here the share of the messenger does not excee . In the Amur region. Viber is use by a little more than . and Kamchatka does not reach this mark. And in Yakutia. the share of messenger fans did not even reach . Who and where uses VKontakte Chat. Messenger distinguishe itself by a sharp gap Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List depending on the region. But the share of users does not excee in the Kirov and Kurgan regions. Less than favour the messenger in the Amur and Saratov regions. And on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region. the number of users does not even reach . The popularity and fall of Skype Actively use the capabilities of Skype. The messenger fell in love with the inhabitants of the Crimea. where he receive his almost.

Country Email List

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In second place in terms of popularity of Skype was YNAO. in third St. Petersburg. Residents of regions practically do not use the possibilities of Skype. Residents of Chuvashia and the Jewish Autonomous Region do not indulge the application. and those BM Leads living in the Republic of Bashkortostan do not like Skype. And in Kamchatka. only like the possibilities of the messenger. Facebook Messenger. the last line of the rating The Russianlanguage messenger of Western developers has not gaine popularity in Russia. It is use by no more than n of residents on average. But there are regions where Facebook Messenger has taken off. For example. in the Crimea. almost of the population use its capabilities.

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