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High school students starting their professional lives can work in various sectors, such as customer service, logistics, administration, inventory, HR, among others. However, these young people cannot replace an employee . This is because the internship aims at providing supervis ucational training and promoting professional development . Unlike the internship for high school students, which have more general obligations, university interns must carry out activities.

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Relat to their course. What is the difference between an intern and a young apprentice? If the objective is to prepare a professional for UK B2B List your company, in addition to being able to do this with an intern, it is possible to hire an apprentice. See the differences between the methods of hiring an intern and a Young Apprentice . Age young apprentice — must be over 14 years old and under 24 years old, but there is no age limitation in case of disability intern.

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Must be over 16 years old, and there is no maximum age limit. Duration of service provision in accordance with the BM Leads contract In both types of internships, the contract period is up to 2 years . In case of disability, there is the possibility of extending the deadline. Percentage requir in companies Companies classifi as mium or large-siz must, by law, have at least 5% of apprentices and a maximum of 15% of the number of employees.

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