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These individuals are strongly mark by the technological revolution. While Generation X ne to be train to learn how to deal with technology on a daily basis, Millennials have already enter the job market with this skill practically innate. In addition to being naturally connect to technology, members of Generation Y have a more informal profile, which means that very rigid hierarchies turn them off more easily. They are a globaliz generation, and their mentality is that it is the company.

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That must adapt to the professional and not the other way around. Because it has people who want to work out of passion, this is one of the generations that most challenges managers. These individuals are usually less attach to social Uganda B2B List status and have less connection with money, using it only as a means to gain freom and independence. Generation Z People born after 2001 make up Generation Z, the youngest present in the job market today. Like the previous generation, they are individuals naturally connect with technology, but with an even greater connection with the virtual world.

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In addition to using the internet as a resource for work, people who are part of this generation use it in almost all aspects of BM Leads their lives. Gupy Academy Diversity and Inclusion course banner What causes the generation gap at work? It is important to take into account that the main technological transformations took place in the last 150 years. This means that the different generations present in the labor market have been living with very different tools and resources, which directly influences their way of working.

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