March 23, 2023
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Without optimizing pages for user requests the promotion of a single site is not complete. Regularly repeate requests in search engines are the keys that SEOs and copywriters scatter through the text and meta tags on pages so that search robots determine their relevance. Highfrequency queries in Yandex and Google can collect millions of impressions per month while lowfrequency queries can collect less than a hundre. Compare the ultrafrequency key furniture impressions and the lowfrequency furniture chest buy in total. It would seem that the more often users request a phrase the easier it is to promote a site using it but other laws work in promotion and everything is not so obvious.

Low And Do Not Frequency Ones

What is Request Frequency User queries are words and phrases that we enter into the search engine. According to the number of requests requests are divide into high frequency HF midfrequency MF lowfrequency LF . Query frequency is data on  how Poland Email List many times per month users accesse this particular phrase to the search engine. How to calculate lowfrequency or highfrequency requests how much is it in specific numbers A precise universal answer is irrelevant here. The frequency depends on the niche season situation in the world. Who was intereste in the coronavirus a couple of months ago Today this word has views only in Yandex. Or the query Christmas tree takes off in the TOP before the holidays and by the summer its frequency drops noticeably.

Country Email List

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At the same time in some niches even queries per month will be considere highfrequency and in some will be an average. Where is the request frequency checke The basic tool for checking the frequency is Wordstat from Yandex How to use this BM Leads service . Other popular services Serpstat Bukvarix work on parsing automate collection of information of its data. Screenshot of the Yandex. Wordstat service In Wordstat you can see the overall frequency of a phrase data on the queries it is include in and similar thematic phrases from the search.

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