February 29, 2024
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Activate trigger rules Once you have configured

Next, I will tell you the steps you must follow to configure conversions using GTM: Set up a Google Tag Manager account. If you do not already have a GTM account,. You must create one by visiting. Follow the instructions to create a new account and add the GTM container to your website. Set up a new GTM container: Once you have created your GTM account, you must set up a new container. Provide the necessary details. such as the container name and the URL of your website. Activate trigger rules a GTM code to your website: After setting up the GTM container,. You’ll receive a code snippet that you’ll need to add to all pages on your website.


This code allows GTM to communicate

With your site and track events and conversions. Set up the Google Ads conversion tag: In the GTM dashboard. Select tags and click New. Select the Google Ads template and choose the type of conversion you want to set up. Enter the necessary details, such Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data as the conversion ID and conversion value, if applicable. The conversion tag,. You must define trigger rules, also known as triggers, to indicate when the tag should be activated. You can choose to activate it on all pages. on specific pages, or when certain conditions are met, such as a submitted form or a thank-you page loaded, etc.

WhatsApp Number List

Publish the GTM container after configuring

The conversion tag and triggers. You must publish the GTM container for the changes to take effect on your website. Once these steps are complete,. Google Mexico Phone Number Tag Manager will be set up to track conversions on your website. Be sure to test and verify that conversions are being recorded correctly before running your Google Ads campaigns. You can do this using the preview option in GTM, so you will know if you have configured them Activate trigger rules correctly and if your Google Ads conversions will be recorded. We recommend first configuring Google Ads conversions and then GTM conversions.

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