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As teachers provide students with attractive environments through recreation. There is the promotion of social interactivity. Collaborative behavior and construction of an inclusive and encouraging. Environment for productions and interactions. Therefore, such activities can be considered as playful teaching (carneiro, 2012). Interactivities provide spaces in which students with special needs develop the desire to learn and adopt a participatory stance within the classrooms. Therefore. In matters relating to playfulness, emphasis must be placed on the set of benefits and learning that will be added to the student’s education. When developing recreational activities through playful teaching, the teacher must think about their objectives. But also value the moment experienced by the students. The movement of each child, the understanding and. Interpretation of the situations presented by the educator (rojas, 2005). Therefore.

Teaching-learning processes

In special education must be designed through the student’s thinking. Giving them the opportunity to express their emotions, thoughts. Desires and interpretations (rojas, 2005). Special education needs to be more than a pleasant place where people play. It must be a stimulating, educational, safe, affectionate space. With teachers prepared to Bahamas Phone Number Database accompany the student in their daily discoveries and growth. It must also provide the possibility of a solid foundation that will influence the future development of this student with special needs (rojas, 2005). The playful game is formed by a linguistic set that works within a social context. Has a system of rules and constitutes an objective. A symbol that also designates a phenomenon. Therefore, it allows the student to identify a system of rules. That allows a sequential structure that specifies. Their morality (piaget. 1998, p. 44).

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Playful classes must transmit

Content and combine them so that the student. Realizes that they are not just playing in class, but storing knowledge. However, all playful experiences such as: games, gestures. Sounds, counting, favor student communication. In special education. In this way, in play, the special child Hong Kong Phone Number List represents the world in which they are inserted. However, playful practice must be something planned with clear objectives. Having a fun character that becomes a. Source of learning (piaget, 1998). Planning is an activity that is part of education, as its basic characteristics are: avoiding improvisation, predicting the future, establishing paths that can more appropriately guide the execution of the educational action. Foreseeing the monitoring and evaluation of the action itself ( padilha, 2001, p. 68). Planning is essential for achieving the desired objectives in.

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