February 28, 2024
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Advantages of offering resin braces in your clinic

Advantages of offering resin braces in your clinic when aesthetic dentistry was still on its way, these materials were highly expensive compare to traditional metal brackets. However, with the evolution of many components, the facilitation of national manufacturing of some components, as well as the large supply of materials, has made it possible for these accessories to now have a more plausible cost. Given the highly aesthetic search of most patients in the office, aesthetic appliances must be an option that the dentist is aware of and can offer to their patients, depending on the careful evaluation for use in each case.

What is the chance of a change in color?

The transparency and aesthetics of the bracket are relate to its composition material. Therefore, it is extremely important to evaluate the quality of each material, before purchasing and applying it to your patient. Polymers, components Japan Telegram Number Data used in the manufacture of polycarbonate brackets, are a type of plastic, which can be natural or synthetic. The main characteristic to be evaluate when purchasing a bracket made from this material. Its biocompatibility, as is the case with the bracket, which is a conventional composite bracket, bringing aesthetics and transparency for a desired aesthetic throughout the treatment.

Does the bracket have good resistance?

Initially, aesthetic brackets were known for their low resistance, easily yielding to wear and fractures in the bracket. Currently, there are materials that make them much more resistant. A fracture in a bracket during treatment can cause an Arabia Email List increase in the total time, as it is necessary to displace the rest of the base, wear away any resin that may possibly remain on the tooth surface it. Therefore, depending on the number of parts, time and wear, it may be necessary to change the threads, not causing their natural evolution, depending on the biology of each case.

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