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It also allows for the adoption of measures that prevent employees from becoming ill, such as consultations and periodic examinations. 2. Flexible hours Here is another useful benefit to increase employee productivity. With flexible hours, billing focuses on results , allowing each one to schule their journey according to daily nes. 3. Meal voucher or food Benefits relat to food allow the consumption of healthy meals, chosen by employees and their families. In this dynamic, both meal vouchers and food vouchers end up adding value to the perceiv salary.

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Bonus for performance Financial incentives are also welcome to reward achievement of goals and objectives. They can be grant in cash or in the form of trips, gift cards and other advantages of interest to employees. How to choose Pitcairn Islands B2B List the best health plan for your employees We mention above the importance of health insurance for professionals. Now, we bring the main points of attention when selecting the ideal mical plan for your team: Establish the non-negotiable requirements.

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Which must be present in the health plan to meet the nes of employees and the organization Consider the proximity and quality of the  accrit network Evaluate the best scope. It is not always necessary to offer a national agreement, especially BM Leads for positions that do not require corporate travel. Give preference to alternatives that offer preventive micine and promote healthy habits . If you are looking for a complete plan in the cities of São Paulo, Guarulhos, Osasco, Taboão da Serra and ABC, Sami can be a good option. The healthtech that broke the investment record in Latin America has plans for MEI and small and mium-siz companies , with prices starting at R$ 172 per month per person.

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