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It was develope in as a standard for organizing voice and video communications. The set describes in detail the operation of telephony at all network levels. The interaction of devices data transfer protocols and codecs which we will talk about later. According to the protocol in order to organize communication within the framework of IP telephony the system must have Terminal. Absolutely any device capable of receiving and transmitting data processing. An audio signal and supporting  codecs can act as a terminal.

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In simple terms a terminal is what we speak through and into a mobile phone a personal computer with a headset a laptop or a fixe IP phone. Gateway This is an optional element. As a rule an IP gateway is neee in order for the subscriber to communicate with Canada Email List a terminal of a different standard. For example you nee to connect an analog telephone network to an IP telephony network. Zone controller Translates phone mobile numbers to IP addresses is responsible for authorizing all phones in the zone assigning each device a remote virtual number manages bandwidth. Multipoint Conference Server This device is necessary for organizing multi user conferences.

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In its current state according to many experts the H. protocol is obsolete. In this connection he continues to lose ground to the SIP protocol. SIP protocol The SIP protocol or Session Establishment Protocol was develope in by a team from the IETF a community of engineers scientists and designers from around the world. It is a universal set of instructions and BM Leads mechanisms for the simplest infrastructure setup for VoIP telephony and video communications. There are two types of session control signals in SIP request and response. Here are the main signals that SIP devices send to each other INVITE Invites the user to a communication session. Usually contains an SDP description of the session. ACK Acknowleges receipt of a response to an INVITE request BYE ends the session.

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