April 3, 2023
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The target audience in the given groups. Search for subscribers who left likes reposts comments. Search for popular subscribers among the group audience. Collection of users who interacte with the wall of the specifie groups posts left comments in the discussions. Search for popular posts in groups. Search for contacts of the administration of groups. Collection of users who left likes reposts comments on the page of the desire user. Information about the interests of users base on the groups to which they are subscribe. Collection of Skype Facebook Twitter Livejournal Instagram accounts. Gathering friends and followers of specifie users.

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Search for couples in a relationship. Collection of birthdays from subscribers of the specifie groups. Search for comments by the URL of a user or community page. Analytics of groups by age gender and geo of participants. pros The service is free. Quick receipt of parsing results. Minuses Limite opportunities for parsing. Website. targetolog Romania Email List Limbotarget tUfBucnRI Functional Search for customers by groups of competitors and groups of similar topics. Search for communities whose audience has interests similar to your target audience. Search for active community members and opinion leaders. Gathering an audience active in posts discussions and photo albums.

Country Email List

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Analysis of the collecte audience and filters by gender age name marital status etc. pros Twoweek free trial period with the possibility of extension. The service supports working from mobile devices and sending parsing results to email. Minuses BM Leads There is no way to view the archive of tasks and analyze the dynamics. Limite functionality compare to more expensive services. Cost of Limbotarget Cost of Limbotarget per week and month Service website. limbotarget click clicken A multifunctional service for solving problems of setting up contextual and targete advertising from a parser of meta tags and titles for SEO to an automatic ad text generator for Direct and Google Ads. There areparsers for VKontakte The community parser finds groups with a target audience similar to the specifie one.

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