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Work the organizational climate The organizational climate describes the perception that employees have about the work environment . It is a critical well-being factor that has the potential to affect the mental health of the entire team. Therefore, do not ignore complaints about abusive conduct such as stalking, bullying and moral harassment. Adopt a combative posture to avoid discouragement, lack of motivation and consequent absenteeism.

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That usually arise in the face of a negative organizational climate. Make room for feback Giving and receiving feback with Ghana B2B List professionalism is a practice that helps in personnel management, as it reveals sources of friction and problems. Ideally, leaders praise in public, but correct in a private conversation , preventing employee exposure. Emphasizing the positives helps lighten the emotional burden during difficult conversations, as well as increasing receptivity to necessary changes.

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In addition to giving feback, show your team that managers are also open to receiving feback in a welcoming way , valuing each one’s perception. Offer continuing ucation Another point that encourages people and also promotes BM Leads professional growth is training and development . It makes sense to invest in training on an ongoing basis, allowing improvement to increase employee productivity. Build a benefits policy That is, put together a plan that contains the norms for granting corporate benefits, in order to value your human resources.

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