April 4, 2023
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You do not have Photoshop installe or if you do not know how to work in it. Then you can immeiately start creating a mask there is a readymade texture in the materials folder. Create a FaceMesh with Retouching Retouching is neee. If you want to change the users face remove skin defects. Make it smooth or shiny. etc Open the Spark Ar program. A window appears as shown in the screenshot below. Click New project.

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Create a FaceMesh with retouching Create a new project Click on Face Tracking face tracking face tracking Next. we are thrown into our workspace. Here we see several working areas. in one we will work with FaceTracker and FaceMesh. and in the other Uzbekistan Email List with materials. textures. D objects. FaceTracker is an object that tracks the movement of the face. facial expressions and its location. work zone This is what our work area looks like one of the working areas in which FaceMesh is create This is one of the working areas in which FaceMesh. FaceTrecker and other mask elements are create. And now. for example. lets create a FaceMesh with a skin smoothing effect.

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FaceTracker is create automatically for us. face tracker Face Tracker already create in scenes Then rightclick on FaceTracker. then Add and click FaceMesh. facemesh Adding a Face Mesh Or click Add Object and see a popup window where you can BM Leads add various objects to our mask. Select Face Mesh. The second way to add Face Mesh The second way to add Face Mesh As soon as we add Mesh. a chess mask appears on the persons face. which repeats the movement of the face. Chess mask in the preview window Chess mask in the preview window Important. FaceMesh must be under FaceTrecker.

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