April 4, 2023
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As a result you do not have time to hand over the text to the customer or even postpone the idea until better times if you wrote for your blog. In order not to get into a puddle and pump your writing skills. catch a selection of books on this list you will find books that are heard of by specialists in your field. and new literature on the topic of copywriting and business writing. Discover new tricks and start practicing. About Advertising by David Ogilvy About Advertising by David Ogilvie For whom For copywriters. marketers. PRspecialists. content managers. designers.

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About what In this book. the father of the advertising industry and founder of the agency Ogilvy Mather describes the basics of creating effective advertising. how to write headlines. select illustrations. write texts and design them. create photo and video content so that buyers open their wallets more often. Why do we recommend The book debunks the Tanzania Email List myths that you could unconditionally believe and follow. For example. creativity is by no means the main factor in the success of advertising. Ogilvy believes that if advertising doesnt sell. its not creative. And to the copywriter who wrote advertising texts for RollceRoyce. Ford. IBM. Adidas. CocaCola Company. Nestle. one cannot but listen Copywriting. How not to eat a dog. Dmitry Kot The book Copywriting.

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How not to eat a dog. Dmitry Kot For whom For copywriters. About what This book can be calle a practical guide for a novice copywriter. The chapters describe specific techniques for writing sales texts from the headline and the first paragraph to BM Leads working with reviews and customers. each chapter ends with homework. For those who are taking their first steps in copywriting. we recommend reading with a marker and highlighting the basic rules. for experience ones. we recommend reading to refresh basic knowlege. especially since the book is written in simple language and reads in a few hours. Why do we recommend If you do not postpone the tasks from the book for later.

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