February 25, 2024
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Are electricity consumption meters useful?

Did you know that by knowing your energy consumption at all times you can reduce your bill by up to 15%? The meters give you information in real time to help you control spending. Polluting less and saving more go hand in hand. Link copied Have you ever stopped to think about the electricity your home uses? The time has come to do it. Think of a number… Nothing? The national average comes out to about 3,500 kWh per year for each home . These same averages say that the normal thing is for a washing machine to use 0.69 kWh per day and a television 0.72 kWh. But who cares about the average? Your way of spending is unique and only you know how many washing machines you put in yesterday and how many hours you will watch TV today. What you don’t know is how many kWh each thing used.

What is an electricity consumption meter?

The meters are divided into two classes: Individual . Provides South Africa Phone Number Data data for a specific device or a group of appliances that are connected to the same socket (for example: the computer, its screen and its printer). It is simple, localized and does not record the data for you. That is to say: you have to get closer, take a look at it and write down what it says. It’s up to you to do the math and draw conclusions. We think the same as you: you deserve more. Global: collects data from the entire home.  Check the parts of the house that consume the most and process the data so that you understand it better.

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The evolution of the meter is the connected house

Until recently, there was nothing more advanced to control spending. Information is power and it is certainly useful to know what that washing machine or that air conditioner is using at this very moment . But in addition to information you need pure and simple power. Being able to give Indonesia Phone Number List  orders and have your house obey.. Thanks to them, you can manage your home from the palm of your hand , through your mobile, and have access to all the information you need. We’re not just talking about knowing how much you’re spending. We are talking about controlling your home remotely, through your computer, mobile phone or tablet, being able to establish savings programs, consumption alerts or notices when you exceed your established power limit.





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