April 4, 2023
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Treasure for a copywriter Elina Slobodyanyuk The book Treasure for a copywriter. Elina Slobodyanyuk For whom For copywriters. advertisers. marketers and anyone who writes advertising texts. About what The book contains the basic techniques for working with texts. The principles of attractive presentation of information. Methods and ways of searching for ideas. It is easy to read because the author gives examples of advertising campaigns of wellknown brands and small firms. analyzes them and reveals the chips.

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Why do we recommend The book not only teaches you to write. but also to evaluate what is written. to look at your texts from the perspective of the reader and this is one of the most important skills for developing in the field of copywriting and marketing Trinidad and Tobago Email List Effective commercial offer. Comprehensive guide. Denis Kaplunov The book Effective commercial proposal. Comprehensive guide. Denis Kaplunov For whom For sales managers. commercial directors. marketers. About what A commercial offer has cease to be a document in.doc format. it is a fullflege sales presentation. which. perhaps. does not speak in the voice of a manager.

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An effective commercial proposal casts aside the doubts of a potential client and turns him into a buyer. Denis Kaplunovs book is a practical guide to writing commercial proposals that will bring results in the form of sales. Why do we recommend If the BM Leads majority of your deals fall through after you submit a sales pitch. then this book is for you. picture Read also How to write a business proposal. golden rules. The art of creating advertising messages. Handbook of the Eminent American Copywriter. Joseph Sugarman The Art of Creating Advertising Messages book.

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