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You to improve the achievement of goals. Planning is link to the preparation. Organization and structuring of a certain path. To achieve this, decisions are made and tasks are perform2001). In this context, developing play in the school environment requires the ucator to have a well-structured theoretical foundation. Management and attention to understand the subjectivity of each student, as well as the understanding that the repertoire of activities must be appropriate to the situations. It is clear that the playful game, plann and systematizto mediate advances and promote conditions for students with special needs, aims to provide subsidies for special education in order to improve management techniques. Playfulness, therefore, transforms pedagogical practice into great discoveries. Noting that “learning.

Is something magical, meaningful

Interesting, and that it cannot be seen only as fun. And a pastime, but as a tool that leads to knowlge 2012). According to  playful activities are important in the. Development of the subject whether or not they have any limitations. Since, during play activities, everyone is seen as capable of carrying out the activity collectively, within their physical, intellectual and social capabilities. In this way, the special student is includthrough playful action in interactional and social environments, considering that the most important thing in these activities is the desire to be with others. Even if it is to Bahrain Phone Number Database compete and be able to enjoy the movement of pleasure. Playfulness has great benefits in ucation and pedagogical activities, bas on games that encourage learning and enable the development of spontaneity, relieve tension, teach how to deal with different situations. Which are essential for the learning of children with. Special needs  2012). 5. Playfulness in inclusive education as a mechanism that favors. The integration and development of special students for 2010 inclusive.

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Education is not limited to

Observing what the laws determine, but, in principle. Requires changes in the practices and perceptions of. Educational institutions. Therefore, all changes must include attitudes. Visibility, corporation and, mainly, measures to. Educational activities. Therefore, inclusive Buy India Phone Numbers education must be represented bas on practices that address the perspectives that the inclusion of students with special needs in regular education networks is not sufficient to promote the integration and socialization of special students in a healthy and educational. In this sense, inclusion must happen so that all students. Special or not, can carry out the same activities in the same space and group, within the specificities of each one, so that no student is segregat due to physical or mental characteristics. Causing a lot of damage to your learning process.

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