April 3, 2023
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As Such It Is Worth Considering

When the client by some miracle. nevertheless entere into a direct agreement with the operator or did it through various intermeiary schemes. which are now supposely illegal. and sends SMS from the senders letter name When advertisers distribute SMS via SIM cards using modems into which SIM cards are inserte to create a mailing list. The cost of such SMS is much lower. delivery does not always come. because operators. in pursuit of their super profits. extinguish such mailings. they say. Guys. do not buy cheap SMS for kopecks.

The Internal Service Information

We will stop them. but buy from us for a ruble. then the messages will be reach. All this is just a monopolization of the market. and here the FAS should turn on. which for some reason does not turn on. The law on communications. which says that in October the market will be completely cleare of annoying ads. will have practically no effect on mailings Grenada Email List that come from SIM cards. Anyone can buy a SIM card. You yourself probably know that you have hawkers in some clothing market who can give you these SIM cards in kilograms even without documents. you can buy these SIM cards. insert them into modems and make such mailings. or use expensive equipment with automatic generation. Here we already know that when one individual transmits a message to another individual. it will not fall under this law.

Country Email List

The Operator Will Be Considere

Accordingly what the authorities have come up with and the operators have lobbie only affects the super profits of mobile operators. which will receive super profits on banks and other organizations that nee clear message delivery within six months or BM Leads a year. The mobile operator Megafon immeiately reacte to the upcoming entry into force on October . of additions to the Legislative Act On Communications of the Russian Feeration FZ. date July and announces the introduction of new conditions for the SMS service.

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