March 21, 2023
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A separate product that the company is developing in the startup format is a receivables collection service. How does the web platform work. With the help of a personal account clients of Gardium can visually manage their portfolio of intellectual property. In a couple of clicks check trademarks for uniqueness register brands conclude contracts and seek advice in case of disputes in court or other registration authorities. Screenshot of the service interface The service has several unique offers for the market. For example automatic monitoring of risks and violations in the field of means of individualization trademarks domains brand names.

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This functionality helps clients keep information about intellectual property objects up to date around the clock. Also do not miss the deadlines for filing applications and other actions relate to the probable loss of rights to IP objects. Screenshot of the service interface We simplify the search and verification of opportunities for trademark registration provide Bulgaria Email List interpretation of the results with recommendations for eliminating violations and obstacles notes Ilya Kononenko director of the Gardium Service and Portal Solutions Department. Whats under the hood. The Gardium IT team consists of people. Plus there is a separate team that is responsible for the overall infrastructure of the group of companies.

Country Email List

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In order to keep a large amount of data up to date and relieve customers of the task of manually tracking changes in IP objects and Russian legislation the company has deploye a comprehensive infrastructure. It includes two systems that are the backend for the applications Gardium Pro and Gardium Online ‎. One is internal for the production and office management BM Leads departments. The second is a data warehouse thanks to which the search calculation monitoring of risks and violations is carrie out. To develop the service the Gardium team uses the MVC model view controller model and introduces several levels views responsible for interacting with users models are two backends with data The controller is the API through which the interaction takes place. The company also uses a mixe architecture some of the applications are built on a microservice architecture some on a monolithic one.

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