March 21, 2023
C Level Executive List

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Exactly half of the frames of this video were create by the neural network base on the frames receive at the input. The image has become smoother all thanks to interpolation. This is how the desire to watch anime without discomfort prompte me to understand the mechanisms of interpolation and increase the FPS of anime using a neural network on a cloud server with a GPU. Write in the comments if you are familiar with this technology and if you suffer when watching anime. We are accustome to think of CDN or Content Delivery Network as a technology for speeing up websites.

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At the same time CDN has a lesser known advantage the service increases the security of the infrastructure in particular by protecting against DDoS attacks. Earlier we wrote in detail about the principles of CDN operation . Refer to this text if you swim in theory. The benefits of technology for business were discusse in another text . It will C Level Executive List help determine whether a CDN will be useful for solving company problems. Methods for combating DDoS attacks DDoS attacks are one of the most common tools for bringing a target service down. Mainly because of the ease and low cost of carrying out. The mechanics of the attack is to send a large number of requests to the company’s servers in order to reuce their performance or completely put it down . Technically this can happen without the participation of attackers.

C Level Executive List

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A recent example is the final sale of goods at IKEA. The web server just couldn’t handle the influx of requests. Although not even bots turne to him but live users who wante to buy the latest plush shark. Since DDoS attacks are base on the usual mechanics BM Leads of sending requests they cannot be completely protecte from them. You won’t massively block TCP or UDP requests will you. Therefore all DDoS protection methods are base on the detection and filtering of suspicious traffic . Or and this is how CDN works on traffic distribution . The first approach is to protect the server itself Here we build a kind of power shield for our infrastructure using various software.

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