April 3, 2023
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Convert letters of various formats to SMS. Rent short numbers from a mobile operator for the purpose of using them in advertising campaigns. Bulk send notifications to clients. Connect to the SMS gateway from sites in an accessible way. Send messages at a rate of up to . per hour. View delivery reports for each number. Common cases of using SMS aggregator services. Notifying bank customers about transactions. Linking user registration to a mobile number. Sending service messages that inform about the status of the order. promotions. new products. advertising campaigns. Additional protection of commercial Internet resources containing a large amount of information by linking to a mobile phone.

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Register and set up automatic mass mailing of messages from your site right now. We value our customers. therefore we offer many discounts and economical bonus programs. To take advantage of all the available functions of the SMS gateway. please contact the specialists of our company who will help you choose and connect the format of this Antarctica Email List service that is most convenient for your business. The technical support service is available around the clock. The SMS messaging service from the PSMS mobile operator works to improve communication with your customers. We help to inform about new products. promotions and discounts. If you are launching a new project or want to attract more active consumers. do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with this.

Country Email List

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In order to carry out advertising SMS mailing from operators. you nee to register on our website. then go to your personal account and set up the necessary sending parameters. After you replenish your balance. you can start the mailing process. The main BM Leads advantages of using PSMS. A high percentage of message delivery to subscribers. Save time. The platform is capable of passing more than SMS per second. Targeting the customer base by category. Bulk or individual shipment. Ability to postpone the mailing to the scheule date and time. Guarantee of full security of personal data of clients. How to create such a team. what management styles should managers have. how to build communication within the team.

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