August 14, 2023
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Behaving inappropriately in the corporate

Leaders are the true “drivers” of HR. When they act effectively, the results achiev are more optimiz and come closer to excellence. To achieve these and other positive outcomes, leadership nes to develop certain skills. In fact, these are consider indispensable for Human Resources leaders. What are these skills? How to develop them? In this article, we will answer these questions. Follow the next topics! Skill to competency difference Explaining it simply, competencies encompass the knowlge obtain through training, courses, graduations or professional experiences .

Methodology and objectives

This set of aspects allows a leader to act efficiently in a given project or activity. On the other hand, skills are specific qualities Chile B2B List of a professional . There are some skills that are innate (also call soft skills), that is, they are part of the employee’s personality. On the other hand, there are skills that are learn (known as hard skills) in the course of a professional or academic career. We can say that the exercise of skill leads to competence. Therefore, a competent leader is one who manag to develop several skills that are perceiv, for example, in his activities and in the way he deals with others. new call to action Why is developing skills important.

B2B Email List

Results without defined

The performance of a leader directly impacts the performance of the HR team. When leadership has the necessary skills to manage this team, the results can be very positive. One of them is the increase in the level of efficiency and BM Leads engagement. These two factors drive productivity and the quality of demands. Another consequence of skillful leadership is the ruction of conflicts between team members and the improvement of the internal climate. It is worth remembering that a tense and stressful environment is the fertile ground for the emergence of these conflicts. To avoid this, a skill leader will favor the emergence of a relationship of friendship and lightness.

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