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CDN ensures the delivery of content without any loss of quality and positively affects the performance of your website. Today of marketers say that video content helps them generate leads. Therefore it is extremely important for businesses to be able to provide users with such high definition content. Server load control CDN operators monitor the load on the network and base on real time statistics can determine where additional capacity is neee. Therefore if an ege node in a certain region suffers from congestion the operator can increase the nodes capacity with spare capacity to ensure uninterrupte and fast content download.

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Surge protection If your website suddenly experiences a large influx of traffic for example when publishing hot news this is another reason to use the services of a CDN. A large network of servers ensures their online availability and scalability in almost any case. Many companies are not ready for a significant increase in traffic. Sometimes not Turks and Caicos Islands Email List only their site but also the hosting provider cannot cope with this due to the lack of a distribute network of servers between which you can share the load. There are a lot of advantages of using CDN lets now look at the disadvantages of the approach. Cons and possible alternatives to CDN Additional expenses You will nee to pay for CDN services.

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However with an increase in the availability of CDNs and an increase in supply prices for provider services have stabilize. Operators as a rule offer different tariffs depending on the planne load and the necessary additional options. As a result the BM Leads benefits of a CDN may well cover the costs of it. For example by caching static on CDN servers you can completely avoid renting an additional server if the infrastructure can no longer cope with the influx of users. Location of network points It is quite possible that a significant part of your audience is locate in a country where the CDN you are connecte to or plan to connect to does not have or too few servers.

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