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 This could be integrating Marketing Hub with a non-HubSpot CRM or integrating Marketing Hub and Sales Hub with an ERP or financial management package. These integrations can be complicated. The challenge is not just connecting two APIs, but ensuring correct data synchronization . You also need to ensure that data fields between systems are mapped correctly.

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Projects also involve data cleansing. It is therefore essential to prepare the data properly before starting any integration. HubSpot CRM Contact properties Contact properties are crucial to personalizing interactions. Analyze contact properties to ensure to B2b Email List the they capture the right information and are properly mapped in HubSpot CRM. Reflect on your marketing and sales objectives and, based on them, customize your contact properties. This will also inform you what custom properties are needed to meet the needs of the business.

Lead Scoring Implementing

 Lead scoring helps you prioritize and segment leads based on their engagement and readiness to convert . Many companies put off contact scoring while implementing HubSpot. It’s a tool they’ve never used before, they’re just starting to BM Leads understand, and in some cases they’re worried about how sales will use the data. However, it is relatively easy to use and should be part of any initial HubSpot CRM setup. Implementing a contact score allows you to prioritize contacts based on their interaction.

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