April 3, 2023
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Click on the Create an account button. Now we are one step closer to creating a unique cover for our band. Format selection This service has a simple interface so even a beginner can figure it out. The most convenient thing is that you yourself can choose the desire format and set your own dimensions for the create image. There are no readymade templates specifically for VKontakte but we can easily adjust the require sizes and make the desire creative.

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The cover for the VKontakte group must correspond to a resolution of . Click on the Custom sizes button and enter the desire values. And then turn on the fantasy and start creating. Design creation On the design page Canva offers us premade templates Latvia Email List for our cover page. Require topics can be found through the search for templates. If something grabs you you can stop there. If not then with the help of additional elements offere by the service create your own exclusive cover. In the finishe template it is not necessary to use the colors and shapes that the service offers. You can change. text font color palette remove or add an element.

Country Email List

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In our article we will look at a couple of cover design options and later using your creativity you will be able to bring to life all the ideas that will help make your promote brand unique and memorable. For example lets choose the theme of the BM Leads communitythe childrens clothing store Karapuz. Picture Read also How to promote a Vkontakte group on your own Option number one In the first option we will use a readymade template and modify it to our taste. Pictures in the propose templates can be both paid for and free. In this case a photo with a watermark is place so we will find a new image in the free stock of the service.

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