April 4, 2023
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A specialist in the field of contextual advertising Or perhaps blogging while doing. What you love Then this article is for you. In it. we will tell you how to start earning without straining. And continuing to do what you love. increasing your experience. Namely. on advertising place on your own website. and on the sale of leads applications to other site owners traffic arbitrage. Table of contents. Method number. With ads on your site Method number. Traffic arbitrage from contextual advertising Difficulties of traffic arbitrage Method number. Arbitrage with CPA networks Method number.

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With ads on your site The first and easiest way to make money on contextual advertising is to place advertising banners on your site. Seeing ad units on the site. users click on them if they are intereste. The site owner is paid for each click. Yandex Vietnam Email List Advertising Network YAN and Google Display Network KMS show advertisements. taking into account the content of the site and the interests of users. Of course. many factors are also taken into account geography. device. browser. time of day. user audiences. etc. these factors are determine by the advertisers themselves at the stage of advertising settings.

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Thus the high efficiency of this type of advertising is ensure compare. for example. with advertising in teaser networks. Here. with a high probability. the user is shown advertising of exactly those goods and services in which he is intereste. image To be able BM Leads to place ads on your site. you nee to be connecte to the YAN or GMS. To do this. an application is submitte to Yandex and or Google AdSense. Both systems check sites for compliance with internal requirements. AdSense is less demanding. but moderation in Yandex is much more difficult. Due to strict requirements. good sites with high traffic often cannot pass it. After the site is approve by the moderators. the following will appear. opportunity to advertise access to statistics the ability to change the design and placement of advertising banners.

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