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While hostile, disharmonious environments that ignore the human factor tend to trigger low productivity, high turnover rates and absenteeism that generate a drop in performance and competitiveness . How strategic management helps build good teams Strategic management allows for the identification of skills and the best use of each employee’s potential . In this scenario, Human Resources managers and professionals can compose high-performance teams , using the strengths of different professionals.

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For example, by combining different behavioral profiles to increase the diversity of ideas and encourage the creation of innovative Tonga B2B List solutions . By applying assertive strategies to human resource management , it is also possible to reinforce professional development and qualification, building future leaders who will be able to act in the organization itself in the future. Strategic people management in talent retention Efficient people management nes to include strategies for retaining talent.

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Otherwise, the company suffers from the constant loss of human capital due to high turnover rates . After all, when a high-performance BM Leads professional leaves a position , the team doesn’t just lose their technical skills, but all the intangible learning they take with them. This is one of the reasons behind the drop in productivity and quality of deliveries , common in the face of constant employee changes.

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