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Screenshot of the Webvises section in Yandex. Metrica Scheme of movement by sections of the site Convenient navigation and a clear scheme by. Which the user moves towards the goal set by the developer have a positive effect on ranking by behavioral factors. External behavioral factors. External PFs are user actions on the search page before going to the site. Click from search click through rate CTR ClickThrough. Rate the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions shows. How the site matches the users request. The clickability in the search is affecte by the quality of the snippet. A small fragment that announces the content of the site page.

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The cooler the snippet is made the more transitions from the search and this has. A good effect on ranking. A clickthrough rate increase of just e raises the site by step in the search results. Website ranking screenshot Return to search It is assume Namibia Email List that if the user having wandere around the site returne to the search page again it means that he did not have enough information he did not solve his problem. This is a signal to the search engine that the page is not good enough for the top lines of the TOP. Transitions to other search engines Yandex allows a user who has not found the necessary information to go to the search pages of their competitors.

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To do this at the very bottom of the issue there are links to Bing Google and Mail. This is a failure for the search engine because in its issuance there were no links relevant to the query. Screenshot of search engines Bing Google and Mail Click length IT Cell Number A good indicator for ranking is prolonge click length. This is the period from the moment you click on a link in the SERP until you return to the search or end the session. The longer this interval the more likely that the site is of interest to the user. Last click If the user made the last click on the site and never returne to the search then the information completely satisfie him and this indicates the quality of the resource.

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