April 4, 2023
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Nora Gal For whom For eitors. journalists. translators. those who write on social networks. keep a blog and in general for everyone who writes in Russian. About what The author reveals the mistakes of those who work with the word and. using examples of real texts. shows how journalists. eitors. authors and translators inevitably become hostages of the clerk and explains how to get rid of abstruse style. professional jargon and a pile of awkward turns. foreignness. ambiguous wording in written speech. Why do we recommend Due to the fact that the book is completely built on examples.

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It is easy to understand. helps to look out of the shell of your expertise and write in a way that is understandable and interesting not only for you. but also for your readers Neurocopywriting. Denis Kaplunov The book Neurocopywriting. Denis Kaplunov For whom For copywriters. About what With a word. you can influence people and encourage Syria Email List them to take the actions you nee. Denis Kaplunov talks about how it works. how to connect copywriting and psychology. And using examples. he explains how to write each part of the selling text headline. introduction. arguments and conclusion so that it impresses the reader and motivates them to buy. Why do we recommend The book gives reallife tricks that you can use to stepbystep eit your own texts and help you create texts in the readers world copywriting secrets. Texts that sell.

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Andrey Parabellum The book secrets of copywriting. Texts that sell. Andrey Parabellum For whom For business owners who want to write selling texts on their own. Also. the book will be useful to fulltime copywriters. About what The author is BM Leads convince that outsourcing the writing of texts means losing the advantages over competitors. Why No one knows their product better than the owner. and no one invests more in developing the business than the owner. short tips will help you develop the skills to write compelling texts. which. unfortunately. do not appear by default when you create your own business. Why do we recommend The book is. as they say. with a secret in fact.

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