March 23, 2023
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The psychology of the crowd works in social networks and if a person falls into an empty group then he has doubts since there is no one here why join here. When advertising starts working live users will start joining the group and bots will gradually die off. Web analytics Add counters to the site Yandex Metrika Google Analytics . Set goals for feeback forms communication services with managers shopping cart. This will allow you to record the data of visitors who having reache the site performe the target action for example place an order online.

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The following information will be available for this order Visitor source SEO contextual advertising social networks etc. Search phrases that le to the site if it is contextual advertising or search traffic Time spent on the site viewing depth target action time Age of the Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List visitor From which device the user viewe the web resource gender sign. Information about the behavior of visitors will also be available Click maps – clicks are much more frequent that is which sections are of interest to visitors Scrolling map until what moment pages are viewe Webvisor recording the users screen what he is watching highlighting with the mouse what he is trying to click on etc. This information will be useful to increase the impact of contextual advertising.

Country Email List

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It will be possible to cut off segments of users who are not attracte by the service and vice versa to single out visitors who are ready to buy for which to set BM Leads up separate campaigns and work with higher rates. More about site metrics analysis Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is a tool that does not work instantly. In order for the site to appear in the search engine results it is necessary to make it relevant to queries that is to carry out technical and internal optimization. Search queries in the topic of delivery are constant. We select here wordstat. At the start it is advisable to order a onetime optimization.

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