March 22, 2023
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As a result Internet telephony solves a lot of the problems of its analog preecessor out of the box and at a lower price. Connection organization levels Now lets see how IP telephony works. It would be most logical to lead the story starting from the layers of the OSI model . Physical layer or Physical Layer At this level a bit signal is transmitte over the physical meium that is over twiste pair coaxial cable or optical fiber. Here VoIP uses an already existing infrastructure. And this fully implements the principle of network convergence when several previously separate services are combine into one.

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Link layer or Data Link Layer The link layer is the level of switches better known as L . It is divide into two equal sub layers to help link the layers above and below the link layer Meia Access Control or MAC which is neee to interact with the physical layer of the model Logical Link Control or LLC require to communicate with the network layer. At the Cambodia Email List second level traffic is tagge and VLANs are create which greatly simplifies the organization of the network infrastructure for IP telephony. Thus it is possible to place data packets containing voice on an isolate channel segment and give increase priority to voice packets along with increase conversation security.

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Network layer or Network Layer At this level packet routing takes place so routers play the main role here. Ordinary routers are suitable for VoIP communication but there are also special VoIP gateways. With the help of them you can turn old phones into IP phones give them addresses and allocate bandwidth. Here is a small list of features that BM Leads standard gateways include registration authorization and user sessions fax support voice mail sending SMS in models using SIM cards for registration on the network support for IP telephony protocols out of the box. Such devices greatly simplify the life of a network administrator but their functionality as a rule directly depends on the cost. Therefore the choice often falls on virtual PBXs or VATS.

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