March 23, 2023
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Useragent YandexBot allow a command thanks to which the Yandex search bot can index all pages of the resource. Crawldelay the definition of the time period that the robot must withstand in the process of loading pages. It is neee in order to eliminate excessive load on the server. However the nee for this command is less and less since now many search engines maintain an interval of seconds by default. Useragent Crawl delay Sitemap specifying a resource map. It is obligatory to specify as well as to create. It is written strictly at the end of robots. The address and the direct path leading to the map are adjuste according to the specific resource. An important point if the number of site pages excees thousand then a number of maps are create all of them are written in a separate Sitemap file. In robots the link should look like this Sitemap.

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Difference between robots settings for YandexBot and GoogleBot Setting up robots for YandexBot and GoogleBot search Setting up robots for Yandex. To understand the directives focuse on Yandex consider the standard version of robots for WordPress. User agent Yandex Disallow cgibin Disallow wpadmin Disallow wpincludes Disallow wpcontentplugins Disallow wpcontentcache. Disallow wpcontentthemes Disallow wptrackback Disallow wpfee. Disallow trackback Disallow fee Correctness can be determine using the rutoolsrobotstxt service . Setting up robots Slovenia Email List for Google In general identical ones are use here but there are a couple of nuances. User agent Googlebot Allow Disallow cgibin Disallow wpadmin Disallow wpincludes Disallow wpcontentplugins Disallow wpcontentcache Disallow wpcontentthemes Disallow wptrackback Disallow wpfee Disallow trackback Disallow fee The example above shows that a couple of directives have appeare that allow you to index JS scripts and CSS tables.

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This is due to official Google guidelines. Of course there will be no scripts or tables in the search but directives enable robots to more accurately display the site in the search results. The correctness of the settings is checke by the Google Webmaster BM Leads Tools service. What else should be close in robots search pages. Yes this statement can be argue since in some situations the site provides its own internal search algorithm that creates relevant sections. However this case is a rarity as a rule the openness of search results leads to the appearance of huge volumes of duplicates. Hence the only correct solution is a complete closure. Cart pages use in the formation and confirmation of the purchase.

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