February 28, 2024
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Cavity removal: how it is done, when it is necessary and its causes

Cavity removal tooth is cover by tissues (enamel and dentin) that preserve its interior. As a result, attacks by microorganisms can remove this natural protection, making the dental pulp close to the attacks. This is the evolution of caries disease when it is not identified and treat properly at the beginning. Caries lesions appear on the tooth surface due to the presence of biofilm (“dental plaque”), form by food debris and microorganisms that are not adequately remove during oral hygiene. They initially appear as white spots, which are a consequence of demineralization promote by the acids produce by the microorganisms present in the area.

What is caries?

The well-known “caries” is cause by a disease, represented by lesions on the teeth. It results from several factors, such as the pre-availability Indonesia Telegram Number Data of the host (tooth and saliva); environment (the diet followed by the individual); microorganisms (bacteria present in the environment); time (persistence of these factors) . With the lack of correct cleaning of tooth surfaces, as well as the routine of these processes, there is an accumulation of microorganisms and food debris on the surface of the tooth, forming biofilm.

What causes cavities?

Frequent consumption of foods containing sugar (and not just sweets!), lack of hygiene and predisposition are some of the contributing factors to the formation of caries lesions. The cariogenic diet greatly contributes to the onset Turkey Telegram Number of caries disease. The problem is not just the eating style, rich in carbohydrates, such as sweets, cookies, pasta, etc.; but also the lack of adequate brushing of tooth surfaces and balance. But how so?! Every time we eat, our saliva naturally tries to restore the pH level in the saliva, that is, a balance in the environment so that the tooth surfaces do not demineralize.

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